What's Up in the Night Sky?
Astra's Star Gate


This is the attic where Astra's stores the good stuff. Beginning astronomers will love having a repository of astronomical information from Astra's cataloged here. These are not yet populated by the links above with allow you to click to the star charts and sky lore placeholder pages. Check back later....

Astra's Attic

Check here for the charts and star lore you remember seeing on Astra's but don't remember when you saw it:

Star Lore
Star Charts - Finders

Astronomy 101

Do you know very little about astronomy and what to learn more? Do you know so much about astronomy, that you need to review? Check out the articles below and see what you know. And what you know now!

What is Astronomy Day?
Angular Measurement Review
A is for Altitude and Altazimuth

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