February 26, 1998 Total Solar Eclipse

Read Astra's personal log of the Total Solar Eclipse on February 26, 1998! Astra and family traveled to the Caribbean island of Antigua where we enjoyed over 2 min 30 sec of Totality and lots of island hospitality ! This page has been updated, but many of the original links were not been archived. This is from the internet from the end of the last millennium, but is still of interest as active links have been verified and updated.

Observational Results!

Report of the 1998 Total Solar Eclipse - from Mr. Eclipse by Fred Espenak.
Solar eclipse of August 22, 1998 - Wikipedia
Stories from the Path of Totality - Live at the Exploratorium ! Archived version available
Tropical Totality - from the Editors at S & T! - No longer available
Watching the moon's shadow UVI animated GIF of eclipse shadow from NASA

2/98 Eclipse Links

NASA RP 1383 - Total Solar Eclipse Table of Contents
NASA Eclipse Bulletin for the 1998 February 26 total solar eclipse
Solar-Eclipse Preview:February 26, 1998 - By Fred Espenak from S & T. - No longer available
Eclipse'98 - lesson learned original article deleted (Netlab)
The Sky at Totality and The Sky at Totality! - both are available. The first show the visible planets

Up and Coming

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – Next 10 years - Time and Date .Com
Upcoming of the Sun and Moon U.S. Naval Observatory This has been updated and is good through 2024, the next eclipse to hit the U.S.A.

Solar Eclipse Cruises

No longer available, check for cruises during future solar eclipse events sometimes it's the only way to see it!

Star Clipper Solar Eclipse Cruise with Hale & Bopp
Celebrity Cruises GALAXY - 1998 Eclipse Caribbean Cruise
The SETI Institute Solar Eclipse 1998
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Monarch

Why not take a break and get away?

Island Hoppping

Antigua area - My Island of Choice
Antigua A Tour of Antigua from carribean.com
Travel Reports: Antigua - no longer available
I stayed in Jolly Harbor - no longer available
In the Leeward Islands....
Antigua & Barbuda Tourist Bureau

Aruba - photographic and scientific expedition - no longer available
Chile - no longer available
Travel Reports: Aruba - no longer available
Eclipse '98 in Curacao - no longer available
Past the Galapagos!

From the Mainland

The Eclipse Path through Venezuela - no longer available
Solar Eclipse Venezuela 1998 - no longer available

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