The Binocular Messier Catalog

Astra's Star Gate
		Compiled by Donald L. Baker 
No. Const. Type Comments No. Const. Type Comments 2 aqr gc 34 per oc 3* cvn gc 35 gem oc with NGC 2158 4 sco gc 36 aur oc trio: M36/M37/M38 5* ser gc 37 aur oc " 6 sco oc 38 aur oc " 7* sco oc Southmost M Object 39 cyg oc 8 sgr gn Lagoon; pair w/M20 41 cma oc 9 oph gc 42* ori gn Great Orion Nebula 10 oph gc Pair w/M12 43* ori gn " part II 11 scu oc Wild Duck 44* cnc oc Praesepe 12 oph gc Pair w/M10 45* tau oc Pleiades 13 her gc Finest gc in north 46 pup oc Fine pair w/M47 14 oph gc 47 pup oc " w/M46 15 peg gc 48 hya oc 16 ser gn Swan 50 mon oc 17 sgr gn Omega Nebula 51 cvn eg Whirlpool Galaxy 18 sgr oc 52 cas oc 19 oph gc 53 com gc 20 sgr gn Trifid Nebula 55 sgr gc 21 sgr oc 56 lyr gc 22 sgr gc Extremely fine 57? lyr pn Ring Nebula (tough) 23 sgr oc 62 sco gc 24* sgr Star Cloud 63 cvn eg 25 sgr gc 64 leo eg Pair w/M65 26 scu gc 65 leo eg Pair w/M64 27 vul pn Dumbbell 67 leo oc 28 sgr gc 68 hyd gc 29 cyg oc 71 sge gc Easy to locate 30 cap gc 80 sco gc 31* and eg Andromeda 81 uma eg Pair w/M82 32? and eg Companion to M31 82 uma eg Pair w/M81 33 tri eg Pinwhell Galaxy 92 her gc Beat out by M13 93 pup oc gc=globular cluster, oc=open cluster, gn=galactic nebula pn=planetary nebula, eg=external galaxy *=outstanding, ?=questionable (good seeing a must) Note: This is a list of the "M: objects observable by a observer with small binoculars. (Though several NGC objects are hard to leave off such lists.) Perhaps the "Binocular NGC Catalog" will follow.

This paper was written for use by amateur astronomers and their societies! It is, however, copyright, © 1996 Donald L. Baker

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