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Find out what's being launched today, from the SpaceWarn Bulletin issued by NASA

In Orbit - Active Space Missions

Mars Science Laboratory - Successfully launched November 26, 2011
NuSTAR: The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array
New Horizons - First Probe to Pluto
Dawn Mission - Asteroids Ceres and Vesta
Mars Express - ESA's Mars Mission, built rapidly and performing well
Mars Global Surveyor - NASA
Mars Exploration Rover - NASA
Messenger - Mission to Mercury
ESA's Rosetta- Mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov- Gerasimenko
Venus Express - ESA
NASA's Links to Current Space Missions
NASA's Scheduled Launches

Automated Transfer Vehicle - ESA supplies the International Space Station (ISS) aka Jules Verne
LISA Pathfinder ESA seeking Gravitational Waves

Launch Facilites and Support

Sea Launch Facilities - Long Beach, CA
Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport - MARS
SSI Commercial Spaceport
Planet Space Launch Facilities
Spaceport Systems International California
Alaska Aerospace Development Corp - Kodiak, AK
Spaceport America - New Mexico, USA - Space Launch Systems
Space Rocket Launch sites around the World - from Space On-line

Deep Space Network - NASA's Communication Support for Space Missions

Grass Roots

Students for the Exploration of Space (SEDS)
The Artemis Project
Space Frontier Foundation
Spacefleet Association

Major Space Agencies of Planet Earth

Canadian Space Agency
China National Space Administration
ESA European Space Agency - 17 member states
Indian Space Research Organisation
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
RussianSpaceWeb - not the government-sponsored Russia Federal Space Agency or try Space Russia
NASA - United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration
A partial listing of Space Agencies is available at Astroweb

Private Sector

Virgin Galactic - Dedicated to Space Tourism
Space Exploration Technologoies Corporation - Developing Launch Vehicles

Other Organizations

International Lunar Exploratioins Working Group (ILEWG)International Cooperation
Deep Space Network - NASA's communication system for continuous coverage around the world


Space News - from
Space - Orbital Report News Agency
2006 Launch Report

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Ares: US space program - talk by Hall and Jenkins 9/06

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