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Observing Comet Hale Bopp 1997, picture by Astra

The Observer's Page offers advice to newbies, stargazers, amateur astronomers and astronomy clubs. Welcome to the new Observer's Page!

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The feature image of the observer's page was taken during observations of Comet Hale-Bopp. The dark shadow of a telescope with a camera mounted on it is highlighted in the vanishing twilight. The blue component of the comet's tail is cropped off the image.

What's Up?

"What's Up in the Night Sky?" is Astra's monthly almanac! Find out what's up in the sky this month. Monthly features cover constellations or other astronomical topics of interest. The almanac was original written by the Star Geezer, Ron Leeseberg who retired in December 2011. Bookmark this page to find out what to look for this month by reading the latest issue. Works great on phones, too!

Find out more about this feature by clicking on the home page, "What's Up? home".

What's Up in the Night Sky?  is a monthly almanac for Northern American astronomers

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