Message From the Gatekeeper

Welcome Astro-Friends!

Astra's Stargate has been on-line for over 20 years!  The newest feature at the "Gate" is
Astra's Guide to the Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Page. It is really a mini-site on its own
that celebrates the total solar eclipse that took the nation by storm last summer.  The new year 2018
brought us a fabulous super blue moon and a total lunar eclipse rolled up in one.  The night sky will
be lit up by the Humanity Star, an artificial satellite from Rocket Lab and Peter Beck. Check the
newsfeed for a link to the satellite homepage that will help you to learn when the satellite 
will be in the sky over your hometown.  Like our ancestors who enjoyed the fascinating night sky 
looking up before humanity's artificial lights spoiled the view, I hope you are inspired by that 
artificial reflection of the Sun's luminousity.

There is a Facebook page to help promote the monthly almanac  Mr. Ronald A Leeseberg, a.k.a., 
the Star Geezer faithfully provided the "What's Up" almanac for fifteen years. The "What's Up" 
almanac is well into its second decade! 

Check out What's Up in the Night Sky? to find out What's up this month. 
Astra's Guide to the Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Welcome to the Gate!

Dawn Jenkins as Astra

Beam me back, Astra!