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Welcome Astro-Friends!

Here at the gate I've just rolled out, Astra's Guide to Orbits. An in-depth look at the history of the scientific discoveries that allowed humans to leave their home planet. Orbits is a deep subject - - we take you through Newton's Cannon and launch into spaceflight. The guide is incomplete, however, because we will be discussing the classification of orbits and other relevant topics. In order to bring out the content quickly, we pushed out the guide early.

I hope you've been following the latest space exploration developments. Today we are taking to spaceflight the way we dreamed in the 60's and 70's! Lunar Exploration is a hot topic and I've been working to keep you up on the latest so keep watching the lunar exploration page.

Earlier this year, the Eclipse Guide was published, it will continue to be updated. Find out about two exciting eclipses coming to the Americas, the October 14, 2023 annular solar eclipse and April 8, 2024 total eclipse. I haven't been able to resist the current exciting developments in space exploration, so check the site for new pages already posted. Robotic explorers on Mars are expanding our knowledge of the red planet. Astra's Mars pages are online and will be continually updated.

Speaking of the What's Up? almanac, it is the hotspot of the site with a monthly report of what's currently up in the sky. It works well on a mobile phone and so you are never far from the answer to that perennial question, "What's up in the Night Sky?" The "What's Up" almanac is well into its second decade as Astra's Stargate has been on-line for over 20 years!

Hope you like Astra's Stargate's a new look. I have been working hard to update the site and improve some of the 350+ pages at the gate. There may be some dust, there may be some rust but Astra's Stargate will continue to highlight astronomy, space development, women's achievements, and publish the What's Up? almanac on a monthly basis.

Astra's Stargate also has a Facebook page for major updates and to promote the monthly almanac that Mr. Ronald A Leeseberg, a.k.a., the Star Geezer invented in . . . well, in the last millennium. R.I.P., Ron!

Welcome to the Gate!

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Dawn Jenkins as Astra

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