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Annular Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023

The Great American Annular Eclipse

This eclipse will be fantastic because the Sun will show off as a ring of fire in the sky. The disk of the Sun will be obscured by 99%, so we won't be able to use our unprotected eyes to view the eclipse. But we can use protection and make a very good pinhole camera that will project the obscured disk of the Sun. I call this eclipse the "The Great American Annular Eclipse because it will totally pass through North America, Central America and South America. The shadow enters on the shore of the United States' Oregon and departs near Corpus Christi, TX.

The 2023 Annular Eclipse interactive Google map depicted below was created and is maintained by Xavier Jubier. Xavier has many eclipse pages out there, he provides free resources and does not include advertisers. If you like his work, consider giving him a donation. You will find more information on Mr. Jubier below.

2023 Annular Eclipse Google interactive map
2023 Annular Eclipse Google map from Xavier Jubier and NASA

For many years, Fred Espenak supported the Goddard Space Flight Center on their eclipse site. Mr. Espenak retired and the Goddard site is no longer being maintained because NASA has a new eclipse site. Wikipedia's article on this eclipse contains the animated image below that shows how the 2023 annular eclipse will cross the Americas.

Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA's GSFC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak and NASA

Resources for the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse

Corpus Christi, Texas

October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse
Event (ΔT=69.1s) Time (UT) Altitude Azimuth P V LC
Start of partial eclipse (C1) 15:26:29.6 +35.5° 125.1° 315° 11.9
Start of annular eclipse (C2) 16:55:48.2 +49.1° 149.8° 316° 11.9 +1.9s
Maximum eclipse (MAX) 16:58:19.3 +49.4° 149.8° 226° 03.6  
End of annular eclipse (C3) 19:17:10.4 +48.6° 222.6° 232° 05.3 +0.0s
End of partial eclipse (C4) 17:00:50.3 +53.5° 189.5° 137° 07.7  

The information given above for Corpus Christi, TX was created using date provided by the Google interactive map. This city was used because it is on the center line of the annular eclipse and folks observing from that location will be able to see the ring of fire produced during the October 14, 2023 annular eclipse.

Thanks to Xavier M. Jubier and Google we have this fine service.