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Telescope Makers Amateur Telescope Making

The ATM Page - A WWW resource for Amateur Telescope Making
Mel Bartel's Telescopes and Telescope Making Page
Mark's Notes for the Amateur Telescope Maker
Steven Lee's ATM Page
Build Your Own Dobsonian Telescope
Amateur Telescope Making
Weird Telescopes from David Stevick
John Stewart's Amateur Telescope Making Info
Berthold Hamburger's ATM Blog

ATM Resource List - - Bob Lombard
UK ATM Resources

New Program !

MODAS Optical Design Program - ATM Software from Ivan Krastev
The new MODAS 3.1 Release has over 20 new analysis and helpful features-- aberration curves-spherical aberr., coma, astigmatism, field curvature, distortion, chromatic aberr., lateral color, spherochromatism, Spot Size and Wavefront analysis vs. field, focus, wavelength, Vignetting Plot, tools - export graphics to BMP, JPEG, duplicate and compare graphics, generat Custom Reports and much more) Ray tracing trough tilted surfaces is also supported.

Download MODAS Freeware Release 3 from Ivan's home page at:

URL: http://ivankr.tripod.com/modas.html

Amateur Societies' ATM Pages

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)
Stellafane Home Page The Springfield Telescope Makers
ATM Resources - from Los Angeles Astronomical Society (LAAS)
Manchester Astronomical Society's Scotch Mount
Riverside Telescope Makers Conference - Astronomy Expo

ATM Links from Herzler's Hideout - Telescope making groups/classes are often the way to go!

Aperture Fever Strikes Hard!

Hercules! - - Dan Bakken's Cure for Apeture Fever
Group 70 - Making a 72"(1.8M) instrument
This international group, is home based in California, USA

Other Telescope/ATM Pages

ATM Mailing List Resources - and - ATM Mailing List FAQ
The Cookbook Camera Home Page - from Richard Berry
ATM Letters Journal Home Page
Homemade Astronomy - by Larry Brown
Barn door Drive - Scotch Mount from Stephen Tonkin
ATM Lenses and Eyepieces
ATM at the University Ovedio in Spanish

Big Telescopes around the World

The World's Largest Optical Telescopes - from Bill Arnet
Thirty Meter Telescope
Special Astrophysical Observatory Home of the Big Altazimuth Telescope (BTA)
Gemini 8-Meter Telescopes
W. M. Keck Observatory Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Subaru Telescope 8.2 Meters !

Here's Aperture Fever at a New Height!
Hubble Space Telescope Space Telescope Science Inst
James Webb Space Telescope

Greenbank Telescope The largest, steerable radio dish in the world!
Orbiting Astronomical Observatories - Links to telescopes that have been launched from SEDS site

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