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ARES: Launching a New Era in Space Exploration

This page was created as a compliment to a presentation given by Dawn Jenkins and Nancy R. Hall at the 12th anniversary party of the USS Jurassic, a Starfleet International, Inc. chapter and the Cuyahoga Astronomy Association in September 2006. It contains the highlights of NASA's new space transportation system. The content on this page is availabe from that should be considered the source for this information...

Ares I

First stage
5-segment Solid Rocket Booster
Second stage
J-2X engine (liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen)
Lift capacity
55,000 pounds (Low Earth orbit)

Payload: Crew Exploration Vehicle

Ares V

First (Core) stage
2/ 5-segment Solid Rocket Boosters
5/ RS-68 Rocket Engines
Interstage cylinder
Booster separation Motors
Adapter to mate first stage to Earth Departure Stage
Earth Departure Stage (EDS)
J-2X engine main engine(liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen)

Lift capacity
290,000 pounds

Orion - Crew Exploration Vehicle

Size: 16.5 feet diameter
Mass: 25 tons
Volume: 2.5+ times Apollo capsule

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