Dawn's Personal Page of Non-Astronomical Linx

At last, I've decided to give my astro-fans links to pages outside the world of astronomy. These links go to my own personal bookmarks on my favorite places. I have updated and added some links to reflect my new interest--ham radio and Starfleet-The International Fan Club.

Ham Radio Links

Young Ladies Radio League
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
Buckeye Belles
My Elmira - KC4IYD

Star Fleet - The International Fan Club

Starfleet - The International Fan Club
My Chapter - The USS Jurassic-A ship full of Hams and Ham Friends who also like dinosaurs
Our Away Team Mission - A Visit to the Cleveland Zoo Dinosaur Display and the story we wrote to accompany it.
Star Fleet Academy

Hall of Fame

Dr. Carl Sagan Portal -The Darkened Cosmos: A Tribute to Carl Sagan
Albert Einstein Online
Richard Feynman Online

Other Science Links

Kuban's K-Paleo Place
Calculators Online - You'll never add alone again!

Earth Culture

Voice of the Shuttle Home Page
Myths and Legends
Out of This World - The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas

Links for Women
National Women's History Project
The CyberMom Dot Com
Woman Motorist
Women Nobel Prize Laureates

Oh, My Goddess!

My favorite Goddess pages of the past have become outdated, but until I find new favorites, check out this one... Spiral Goddess

Recipe Places and More!

There are many other recipe sources out there. We'll never need a cookbook again, although I have many and still use them all the time.

Find Recipes at iVillage Page
Kraft Foods

Astra's Astrology Links - For Seekers on Other Paths

Astrology, Psychic Stuff, and Skepticism - From Pib Burns who states my own position so well
Earthlore Explorations Astrology
Vedic Astrology

Web Stuff

No slight is intended to all the great resources for information on HTML/CSS/XML/Flash and etc., there are vast resources out there and I used the internet as my classroom for many years.

kirupa.com - Kirupa.Com - Help with Stellar Cartography Lessons
Web Thang - No longer a web page, but a site and an app. Jeremy Keith explains.
Advanced Common Sense Steve Krugs - a web usability site
HTML5 and CSS3 - Quick Start Guide and Examples
CSS3 Tutorial - from W3 schools, the WWW authority

CSS3 - Intro, Guides, and Resources - Recommended by Amanda Woodruff

While studying at Lorain County Community College, I found that one of the professors posts all of his classes on the web and may be of interest to those who are learning the craft the web!

Astra Stargate's Family Room

family.html Added in 2006, a page for my family, a personal adventure that Astra's star friends may enjoy...

Last Modified 10/11/2016

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