Astronomy on the Internet

Link to astronomical content presented in interesting and interactive ways, brought to us as only the internet can provide. Originally a presentation for an astronomy club, this update is from April 10, 2006. I don't have time or space to list everything, but as usual, feel free to send a request for inclusion through Astra's contact page.

Astronomy on the Internet

Astronomy Page - at Astra's Star Gate
AstroWeb: Astronomy Resources from STScl
Yahoo! Science:Astronomy
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space - SEDS

Basic Information

Articles with Advice for Beginning Amateur Astronomers
StarDate Online - MacDonald University production
Find out what's up at Sky Eye - Obliquity
Click here to go to the Education Page at Astra's
Commercial Telescope Vendors - A page I created for a new members of CAA

Astronomical Organizations

Astronomical Organizations listed on Astra's Astronomy Page

Interactive Astronomy - Running Programs

Solar System Simulator - JPL => I love this!
Solar System - A java applet Virtual Solar System 3d animator
Explore the Solar System - from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Astronomy Tools - - from Brian Casey
Moon Phases Aplet
Naval Observatory's Virtual Reality Moon Phase Picture - also see their Data Services
JPL HORIZONS - On-line Solar System Data and Ephemeris Computation Service
Heaven's Above - Getting information about Satellite Passages
Heaven's Above - Loaded with a Query from Cleveland, OH
- -Interactive Image Retrieval Pages from NASA - -

Astronomy Computer Programs Available !

Stellarium - a free open source planetarium
CVC's Astronomy Freeware and Shareware
FTP from SEDS in Arizona
- Click on 00index to list programs available.
CosmoSaver-Solar System - Download a Solar System Screen Saver Program
Dan's Astronomy Software Collection
Astronomy Software Servers - Hubble Legacy
Astronomy Software - Freeware, Shareware, Commercial
JupSat95 - by Gary Nugent
Dave Ransome Software Home Pages - maintained by T.S. Kelso
The Eagle has landed! - 3d Lunar landing simulator
Astronomy Freeware - from

Remote Access Telescopes

Bradford Robotic Telescope
MicroObservatory - Online Telescopes - Harvard
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes - GNAT Home Page
Eyes on the Sky - Robotic Solar Telescope
Remote Access Astronomy Project (RAAP) - from Explore the Stars

Robotic Telescopes
- An Interactive Exhibit on the World-Wide Web (a paper!)

SETI&Home - Donate your computer time to researchers

Astronomy Blogs

Here's an internet phenomena that grew up since this page was originally created, the weblog. So here's a few of the ones Astra found most interesting....
Planetary Society weblog - from Emily Lakdawalla
Bad Astronomy blog
Mars Rover Blog
Dirty Skies - Urban Astronomy- Includes some great image processing projects
Sky this Week
Vern's Astronomy Weblog
Search for more blogs on your own using Globe of Blogs search engine

And here's a "podcast" astronomy site that also features interest-related blogs:
Slacker Astronomy - Releases a five to ten minute podcast covering a recent news item in astronomy on a weekly basis.

Fun Stuff!

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Space Station Homeless

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