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Developed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, with support through the National Science Foundation and NASA. Project ASTRO began in 1993, pairing professional and amateur astronomers with classroom teachers. The partners are trained together in workshops that emphasize hands-on activities. Members of the Cuyahoga Astronomical Association support this activity. Project ASTRO is an on-going program.

Astronomy Education


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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Education Assistance

Planetariums and Museums

Planetariums and Museums can be an excellent source of educational information. I am only listing a few here, some are major and others are local. I would encourage you to visit your local resource. If you are a teacher, ask about their educational programs. (as if you haven't already! 8^)
SciEd is science education support and programs for teachers. Working with teachers, this site strives to advance science literacy through dynamic resources: field trips to the museum, in-school visits, curriculum support, Science House lending library, and professional development.


Image Processing and Remote Sensing

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