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YouTube Channels

Everyday Astronaut

Tim Dodd is the Everyday Astronaut bringing space down to Earth for everyday people. Tim has interviewed Elon Musk a number of times. Along with launch day livestreams of important launches, Tim dives deep into rocket science topics.

Tim Dodd was selected as a crewmember on the dearMoon mission. He is a great choice for all the space exploration outreach he has contributed on his channel and other venues!

Marcus House

Marcus House provides a weekly update (Saturday) on space events focused on SpaceX Starship and includes top weekly space exploration news. Occasional deep dives into related subjects are very well covered.


NASA SpaceFlight is an online news resource for space flight news. Launches are livestreamed, cameras follow Starbase activities and breaking news covers leading space-faring nations. NSF maintains a video feed at Boca Chica 24/7. NASA SpaceFlight offers subscriptions to its deep-dive forums on many space-related subjects.

Lab Padre

Lab Padre cameras cover SpaceX at Starbase Boca Chica. Testing and launches are monitored continuously. Includes live NASA space updates and events at Cape Canaveral, FL, and South Padre Island, TX.

What About It? - Felix Schlang

What about it is about space and science, covering the second Space Race! WAI provides SpaceX information and other important space activities

CSI Starbase

CSI Starbase provides deep analysis of advancements and events at SpaceX Starbase.

RGV Aerial Photography

RGV Aerial Photography provides weekly aerial video photo updates of the SpaceX Boca Chica Sites.

Ryan Hansen Space

Ryan Hansen provides high-quality Starship renders and cinematic animations of Starship and Super Heavy to inspire people around the world what amazing engineering can achieve.

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Just for fun, read Astra's "7 Signs You Might be Becoming a SpaceX Boy"

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