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NASA's STS-107 Memorial Page's Columbia Special Report Page
Columbia Shuttle Memorial Fund
Columbia Accident Investigation Board
Astronaut/Cosmonaut Memorial Site


OHIO Space Special Interest Groups
Three Faces of Mars - Mars Exploration on the Web
Astra's Educational Links for Teachers and Students
Astra's Near Earth Objects page
Astra's Mir Page - No Longer Updated !


NASA Watch - a Non-NASA site
Space.Com - a great place for information
Florida Today's Space Online - - Latest Activities in Space!
NASA on Human Exploration of Space
Astronaut Biographies Home Page - from NASA
Space Future

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The Planetary Society
SEDS -Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Space Frontier Foundation
National Air and Space Museum
National Space Society


Challenger Center Home Page
International Space Station
Space Shuttle Home Page
The SETI League, Inc.
Lunar Prospector Program
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
Mars Exploration Program
Reusable Launch Vehicles - from Spacelink

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ASTRONAUT WANNABES (4 all U Space Cadets)

So I Want to be an Astronaut - a Blog! (and I wanna be a ham operator, too!)
How to Become an Astronaut - from NASA
Educator Astronauts - more space wannabees
Living in Space
See what it's Like! Earth from Space - images taken by Astronauts in Space . . . Fabulous!

Please Note: Educational Pages from NASA are generally located on the Educational Links Page, this section is a bit different as you can see
Science@NASA - pages here contain some great stuff, you can also subscribe to this service
Space Calendar - maintained by Ron Baalke
Today@NASA - NASA News Highlights


National Air and Space Museum
International Women's Air and Space Museum
The Case for Mars

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