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Astra's Eclipse Guide Presents

Solar Eclipse April 08, 2024

April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

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Chang'e 5 launched on May 3!

Find out about China's Chang'e 5 mission

image of luna

To capture lunar samples from the farside

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Astra's What's Up Almanac

Astra's Almanac

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Summer Triangle Lyra Constellation

Astronomy and Space pages on Astra's Stargate

Astronomy page

Links to the Astra's subpages pages in astronomy. Also includes professional and amateur organizations, publications, telescopes, satellite observatories, and more. For observation help, use the observer's page.

Astra's Mars pages

Three Faces of Mars- Mars Home @ Astras
For info on the latest oppositions of Mars-- Mars Oppositions page

Education - STEM links for Teachers and Students

Astra's Eclipse Guide

Spectroscopy - Light exposes the secrets of the Universe

Young Astronomer - Astronomy page for geared for Kids. Have fun while learning!

Astronomy on the Internet - online tools

Comets and Near Earth Objects

- Page Topics for Astra's Astronomy Page -

Amateur Astronomy



Magazines and Online Journals

Satellite Observatories

Images Online


Astra's Almanac Feature!
Find out What's Up!

Space Pages

Enter the Exciting world of space exploration and development. History and current activities can all be found here. Active and upcoming Space missions, Launch Facilites, Space Agencies, Commercial Space development, Organizations, Journals, and more.

International Space Station - Human presence in Space

Find out what it's like to fly to the
International Space Station on Crew Dragon (YouTube Video)-
What about it? channel

Lunar Exploration - Current Activities, Artemis, History, and Apollo

Mars Exploration - and - Curiosity Rover - or - Perseverance Rover

Commercial Space Development

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In Orbit - Active Missions

Upcoming Missions

Launch Facilities

Grass Roots

Space Agencies

Private Sector

Commercial Space Program

Other Organizations


Star Women page

How much do you know about women in Astronomy and Science? Find links to many women in science and astronomy. How can you find sites of interest for young women astronomers? Find out here at Astra's!

Near Earth Asteroids

Near Earth asteroids may be friends or foes. These pages discuss asteroids, Earth defense, detection, and astronomical observations. How do you report an NEA if you spot one?

Ancient Astronomy

What did the ancient astronomers see in the night sky? Also find constellation information on this page.

Observer's Page

If you are new to astronomy then this page is for you. The observer's section organizes observational astronomy and materials that may aid even those who've been long-term star gazers. Observing solar system objects, deep sky objects, and information for astronomy clubs.

Astra's Observing Challenge - An observing program for Amatuers

Mars Oppositions page

Astra's Guide to Commercial Vendors

Binoculars - Information and Observing

Dawn's Tips for observing Jupiter

Aperture Fever - Amateur Telescope Making

Astra’s Eclipse Guide - New !

Astra's August 2017 Eclipse Guide - Total Solar Eclipse!

Comets! - and Astra's Comet Article

"What's Up in the Night Sky?" - Astra's monthly almanac! Find out what's up in the sky this month features articles of astronomical interest.

Astra's Almanac

- Page Topics for Astra's Observer's Page -

Assistance for Beginners

Almanacs and Observing Aids

Online Planetariums and Downloads

Observing Solar System Objects

Observing Deep Sky Objects


Earth Sky Stuff

Information for Astronomy Clubs

Ohio's Own Ohio Turnpike Astronomer's Association (OTAA)

What's Up almanac

What's Up in the Night Sky?

Never miss an astronomical event again! Astra publishes a night sky almanac every month that gives the latest information on astronomical events.

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